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Logger plus sensor, it's that easy

As simple as getting a logger, your required sensor and viewing the results on your internet dashboard, it's that easy.

We have worked hard to make the change to IOT "Internet of things" easy for all. Plug in the TruSense input module that your sensors are connected to and the logger will boot up and start sending data automatically to our dashboard for you to look at on the web.


We have a range of TruSense IOT loggers so we should have one the will connect from your location. Have a look and check out the coverage maps.
Click here to view our range of loggers.

Input Modules (Sensors)

We have a large range of input modules which should cover the sensors your require. If not contact us to see if we are about to release what you require or talk to us about making one to fit your needs.
Click here to view our range of input modules.


This is just as important as the rest. If you can not look at your data in a meaningful, useful way it's pointless!!! We have tried to make this part as painless as possible. Click here to learn more about the dashboard system.

home  |  logger  |  sensors  |  Prices  |  dashboard


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