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Logger plus sensor, it's that easy

As simple as getting a logger, your required sensor and viewing the results on your internet dashboard, it's that easy.

We have worked hard to make the change to IOT "Internet of things" easy for all. Plug in the TruSense input module that your sensors are connected to and the logger will boot up and start sending data automatically to our dashboard for you to look at on the web.

Input Modules (Sensors)

The TruSense logger does not come with a set of built in sensors. The sensors are connected to an "Input Module" that plugs into the 6 pin connector at the bottom of the logger. This allows our logger to be almost anything you want them to be. Look through our list and if you can not find the one you want contact us. We may be able to help.

THP-TS Temperate, Humidity and Barometric Pressure 3 channel with outdoor radiation shield.

mV-2-TS 0-256mV 2 channel with common ground.

V-2-TS 0-2.048V 2 channel with common ground.

HT-TS Humidity and Temperate 2 channel with indoor shield.

TcK-TS K type thermocouple 1 channel with cold junction compensation.

US-TS Ultrasonic distance measurement. 1 channel.

IRtemp-TS non-contact infrared thermometer. 1 channel.

EC-5-TS EC-5 Soil Moisture Sensor. 1 channel.

PT100-TS PT100 Class A temperature. 1 channel.

WSWD-TS Wind speed and wind direction 3 channel, wind speed, 3 second average, wind direction average and maximum.

WSWD-US-TS ultrasonic anemometer for measuring wind speed and wind direction up to 144km/h, 3 channels wind direction, wind speed avg, wind speed max.

WV-TS Water volume, tamper and flow (suitable for resource consent), 3 channel, Water Volume, Tamper and Water Flow.

LE-TS Photovoltaic pyranometer for measuring solar irradiance or solar energy in W/m2, 1 channel.

PY-TS Thermopile pyranometer for measuring solar irradiance or solar energy in W/m2, 1 channel.

DO-TS Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor , 1 channel.

pH-TS Industrial pH Sensor with temperature , 2 channels, temperature, pH.

TpHDO-TS Combiner module for pH-TS and DO-TS to one logger , 3 channels, temperature, pH, %DO.

CO2-TS CO2 sensor , 1 channel, ppm CO2.

WS-TS Weather Station sensor , 7 channels, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Solar Energy, Rain.

pressure, Rain gauge

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