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TruSense IOT Loggers

We have a range of loggers to try and cover all the areas of New Zeland and Australia. We plan to produce new loggers as new technology is deployed. IOT loggers are only as useful as the infrastructure that is in place to allow them to talk to the internet. So we have added Satellite to cover all. If Sigfox or LoRaWAN is available in your area then great. If not then we still have satellite.


The first and at present the best of the IOT providers. Its already up in and has very good coverage in New Zealand
Click here for coverage.
Click here for our Sigfox loggers


This is now up and running with kotahi.net. Click here for coverage.
We can also set up private networks easily if you already have an internet connection.
Next year (2018) Spark will be bringing up their LoRaWAN network.
Click here for our LoRaWAN loggers

Satellite Globalstar Simplex

This is the simpest and lowest cost satellite system we can find. Great for those out of the way places :-)
Click here for coverage.
Click here for our Simplex loggers

Satellite Iridium

This is a little more expensive than Globalstar but more reliable as it allows confirmation of data sent. Great for those out of the way places :-)
Iridium covers the whole world.
Click here for our Iridium loggers

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